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Awesome Furniture from Puerto Rico

Eye- Popping Furniture


Two is better than one


Constructo is our furniture workshop in Santurce, Puerto Rico, where our products are manufactured. We started building our own projects and turned into a full-scale design-to-fabrication studio. During the past 6 years, we've delivered over 60 successful projects. Click here to see Constructo's work.

Diseño Isleño

Founded by Javier Olmeda, Diseño Isleño delivers high quality design products at affordable prices. We're responsible of identifying potential objects and take them from mere prototypes to fully functional products, using our signature p2P process. 


From Industrial Design to Industrializing Design

We've developed a unique way of conceiving furniture and manufacturing it through a seamless design-build process, where every step is optimized to increase efficiency and achieve high-quality products consistently.



What we bring to the table (literally)



We manufacture limited editions of our most popular furniture designs that have been featured in museums and have won international design awards.

Home Decor

We design and create kitchenware, planters and toys, and in small batch year-long editions. Ideal for corporate gifts, each one is signed and numbered by the designer.

Design Services

We provide design and fabrication services to meet the needs of industrial designers, architects, artists, interior designers, and engineers.


Contour Sofa

One of a kind. Available by special order.



Twice a year, we choose a set of pieces and pass them through a prototype-to-product process, consisting of advanced manufacturing techniques, comprehensive market-fit analysis, and an engaging brand identity.

Diseño Isleño makes them available via pre-orders and events to the trade and through our e-store for the general public. The process from pre-oder to shipping takes about 8 weeks.


Design Process

We've got an eye for great design. And over time we've figured out how to to make multiple editions. After careful study and breakdowns, we iterate and improve design features.

Market Fit

While production gets going, our sales and marketing team are busy researching trends and talking to our customer base to make sure our quality and pricing are on point. 

Production Run

Our team works through all the details and a production run takes flight. Eight weeks later an oficial launching event kicks in and sales will remain through the e-store all year long.


When you choose to purchase our design products

you’re not just buying a great piece of furniture. You’re helping to grow a hub for high-quality manufactured goods, and contribute to the development of future generation of designers, builders, and makers in Puerto Rico.


javi 2015_vert.jpg

Meet our Designer

Javier Olmeda Raya is an award-winning furniture designer. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, he received a BFA degree from the Escuela de Artes Plásticas de Puerto Rico in 2006. A year later he went to Barcelona to pursue a master degree in Architecture from the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IaaC), where he learned CAD software and digital fabrication techniques.  

After returning to his homeland, Javier started to land custom furniture commissions, where he mastered the knowledge of furniture design and fabrication. This lead him to set up a workshop with former colleagues Oscar Ramos and Maria Carrión. Together, they founded the Laboratorio de Artes Binarios, where they designed, built, and installed the famous wooden ceiling of Il Perugino Restaurant.

A few months later, Javi and Oscar founded Constructo. Envisioned as a full-scale workshop, it became one of Puerto Rico's top-notch design-build studios. In 2014, Olmeda won a prestigious A' Design Award for his Dendrone Table. In 2015, Oscar left the company. Since then, Javier has taken over the studio's design and fabrication teams. In the past three years Constructo has successfully consolidated its position as a major design reference in Puerto Rico.